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Look, ok so let's be real, there are those days when you wanna chuck your fucking printer across the room! lol. OMG! That morning when nothing went right? The worst! During covid I had a few life coaching clients who were working from home, and it seemed everything went wrong. That along with all the pressures of the kids, and partner and just life, it all built up. OVERLOAD! So I wanted my clients and myself to figure places were we could get Zen and get our mind right. lol

What's your place?

Below are 5 good places I found to go and reclaim my groundedness lol They may work for you too! Be Openminded



  1. BATH - I AM TELLING YOU! Taking a bath is AMAZING! Try a bath with Ms.Bounceback products! (of course I had to plug my own shit lol)

2. PARK-Parks are good to reground yourself and connect with nature. Literally go hug a tree if you can.

3. DANCE/WORKOUT- allows you to get the energy out!

4. YOGA/MEDITATION-can calm you down and allow you to refocus your energy and thoughts

5. BED- TAKE A DAMN NAP! lol I always feel amazing and ready to restart and refresh after a nap...that's just me...

I asked a few people what places they go to to get zen...heres some:

  1. Bathroom

  2. Coffee Shop

  3. Skating

  4. Spa

  5. Grocery Store

Where's your place?

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